Eridem Consulting benefits from its main consultant, Eric Demerville, who has now more than twelve years experience on Confirmit (after having been a Senior Technical Account Manager there).

This experience covers the following areas:
  • Authoring (complex surveys, multi or mix modes on Confirmit or SODA designer lately - MCAPI)
  • Reportal (Online reports with "Push Reports" automated, intense use of scripting in Reportal)
  • Panel (transfer or creation of panels ranging in size from 2500 to 1,500,000 panelists with surveys, portal and various automation and administrative rules)
  • Data Processing (Module Confirmit) to recode, merge data or automate processes.
  • Programs covering the previous four areas, like the Voice of Customer (VoC or VoE, VoE, VoA ..) - Became the VoC Technical Lead
Since October 2013 when Eridem Consulting was formed, the company has worked or has helped companies with:

  • The scripting of more or less complex surveys
  • The scripting of MCAPI surveys (dynamic lists, pseudo conjoint ...)
  • The design of reports
  • The scripting & management of a complex HR survey and report
  • Creation and merging of a Panel, with its portal and linked surveys
  • Some different auditing activities (for example while migrating to a new Confirmit release, on a VoC technical process review or for new activities required by the business..)
  • ...