Programs(or non Adhoc data collection surveys)

More and more the project does not consist only in a survey with its report. It is more like a tracker, or a multi wave survey with its report, or a multi collection mode program not always running on the same platform, or a purposed satisfaction or VoC (VoE, VoB, VoA..) program.
For these scenarios, one tends to see the use of online reporting being the "jewel" in the middle of these types of program. But to compare what could be comparable, when data comes from different sources, some heavy work needs to be carried out up front prior to running the program (like automated data feedings, mappings, recodings ...).
The different steps could be summarised as:

  • Questionnaires Structure: anticipating the variables needed in the Global reporting

  • Process Logic: bring all the different data together, generally using the Data Processing module to automate the process

  • Reporting: What needs to be reported on, who will view, and what will they want to see (segmentation and role based access to anticipate)

  • Future proofed: Consider the easiness of adding or changing the surveys