Survey Scripting

This is the part the respondent, end user, or customer sees and engages with to express themself. It has to represent the Company it refers to and be engaging to get the most reliable information whilst maintaining branding and usability.
It should take into account what we know already from the respondent or what has already been answered so logic, masking and text substitution is important here. Finally, once the data is collected we need to consider the data processing and anticipate any categorisation or reporting variables necessary for this. We should always consider what we want to report on when building the survey as summarised in the following steps:

  • Questionnaire Structure: Question types and content (use of Doc2Survey)

  • Questionnaire Logic: Routing, answer masking and text substitution

  • Look and feel: Online and mobile survey layouts

  • Extra reporting variables and scriptings

  • Translated content for multi lingual surveys

Example Responsive Layout (Professional)